Mumblebug, for solo cello. Written for and performed by Ernest Ling, 5/8/17 at Slosberg Music Center in Waltham, MA. Recorded and mixed by James Praznik.


Jitterbugs, for piano duo. Performed by Laura Barger and Ning Yu as part of the 2016 Yarn/Wire Institute. July 14th, 2016.


“Der SpideyKeurig” is the third movement from beauty.death. This recording is by Aliana de la Guardia (soprano), Gleb Kanasevich (clarinets), Mark Berger (viola), Stephen Marotto (cello), and Mike Williams (percussion). May 8th, 2016.


“New Jersey Water Tower, Blue” is the first movement from Ramblin’ Fool, a suite for solo clarinet. This recording is from the premiere performance by Gleb Kanasevich at Slosberg Music Center in Waltham, MA in 2015.


“Carry me down” from my string quartet In First Person. This recording is from a concert with the Lydian String Quartet in 2014.


Fremont Troll for sinfonietta. Recorded by Sound Icon in the spring of 2015.


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